Sophomore Exploratory Labs

Penta offers the Sophomore Exploratory program for students who are interested in exploring career-technical fields on Penta's campus. In this year-long program, sophomores will explore two career areas, earn academic credits, and receive small group and one-on-one career and life skills mentoring. At the conclusion of this program, students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed choices regarding their future educational, career and life plans. As part of the admissions process for this program, students will participate in a Career Assessment prior to acceptance into this program. 

  • Business and Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Health Services
  • Human Services
  • Manufacturing and Transportation

Admission Criteria

Students must be enrolled in one of the sixteen member school districts to be eligible to apply for admissions to Penta Career Center. Students applying to attend Penta as a sophomore will begin an online applciation to complete a referral for a career assessment. Applying juniors and senior will complete the online applicaiton.